He Cares For You

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Each week I get to spend time with troubled teenagers. As we open up the Bible together and read from God’s Word, we find out what God is saying to each of us in our varied circumstances. At the end of each study I pass around a slip of paper and a pen and ask the kids to write down something they’d like me to pray for. Over the last year I’ve been collecting prayer requests from a co-ed facility where I lead a Bible study on Monday nights. Here is a sample of some of the things weighing on the kids’ hearts:

• Pray for my mother and brothers to stop drinking alcohol. Pray for me to get out of here and live a normal life.

• I am having trouble because I used to be a prostitute and I need God to help me.

• Please help me realize that the sexual and physical abuse wasn’t my fault.

• Pray for my mom so she can get off drugs and get the help she needs.

• Pray for me when I get out that I would have a better life because right now it’s headed in the wrong direction.

• Dear Lord, I really want a relationship with you but it’s hard for me to believe in you because I’m a Muslim. I feel more comfortable with you than with Allah and I like to pray to you. I FEEL VERY GUILTY ALL THE TIME (her caps). I know I’m a good person but I have a lot of guilt and I’m not sure…Should I stay with Allah or come to You? Please guide me. Amen.

When kids are given an opportunity to share their prayer requests anonymously, you really get a glimpse inside their hearts. It brings to mind what Jesus offers all those who trust in Him, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). As you remember Straight Ahead in prayer, remember the 500+ kids around MA who attend our weekly Bible studies and who desperately need to find rest for their souls in Jesus Christ.


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