Dear Straight Ahead Staff,

May 7, 2010 at 1:05 pm Leave a comment

You wouldn’t believe how many letters Straight Ahead receives from kids in lock-up from all over the country. We get so many that we have someone designated specifically for the task of replying to every single kid. Many are personal testimonies of God’s work in their own lives. Others are thank you’s for Straight Ahead’s ministry behind bars. I read this one this morning and wanted to share it with you.

Eight years ago today my 15 year old cousin, Peter, who was often in trouble with the law, committed suicide. And the people in his school made fun of it. Some people who didn’t really know him assumed he’d been doing drugs and was in a gang. To them he’d just done the world a favor. None of them cared enough to see the potential in him, to see in him the capacity for friendship, for mechanical genius, for godly manhood. They shrugged him off and belittled his death, never knowing or caring how much he meant to us. Thankfully someone shared Christ with him before he died…but he’s still gone.

I just want to thank Straight Ahead, on behalf of all the Peter’s and their families, for not giving up on them. Christ didn’t. He was offering them hope even as they were executed for their crimes. Thank you for loving the kids in lock-up like He did and giving them another chance. I love what you’re doing.

God Bless,



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